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So, life has been super busy lately!! Dance, t-ball, and gymnastics keep me running!! Luckily it will slow down when summer gets here! The girls do not have any extra curricular activities during summer time.

Preston is getting so big!! I can't believe all the things he is doing and saying!! He is such a boy!!! One messy, rowdy, lovable lil boy! I remember when my girls were little they were so dainty and girly. They didn't make huge messes when they ate and they didn't like bugs. Preston is the complete opposite. He loves bugs!! He picks them up and will show you and say BUG BUG!! lol! He loves to feed himself now (unfortunately lol) he makes a ginormous mess, but momma let's him do it! I LOVE my lil boy!!

Savannah got glasses Monday!! She looks soooo stinkin' cute!!!! I love them and so does she! She only has to wear them while at school.

The girls had field day Tuesday. Savannah won 1st place in the 50 meter and 5th in the 110. I told her next time stick to the short distances...lol. Catie won 4th in the 75 and 110! They had a great time. It was soooo hot that day though!!!

Dance is wrapping up. It's almost recital time!! It's such a stressful time. We have pictures and dress rehearsal most of the week. But it's all worth it in the end seeing my beautiful lil girls on stage performing what they have been working so hard on!! my heart swells with pride!!! Catie will get her 5 year pin this year and let me tell you this is a big accomplishment for her!! She has been in dance and worked her tiny butt off since she was only 3!!!! Well, hope you enjoyed today's randomness!! ;)

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